Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's a war zone out there!

Well yesterday was pretty much the same old same old, nothing interesting going on. Work was long but simple. Atl opened 2 hours late and then closed 2 hours early because of travel conditions I guess and only about half the people made it in, haha. Wow we should offer a winter driving course or something and I hope the city realized how dumb it is to have only 9 plow trucks, maybe they will up it to like 25 or something so it doesn't take 3 days to dig out. There are some new tenants moving into the building at work and there is construction going on. It sounds like a war zone above my desk at work, haha. It's kind of distracting.
After work I went to the gym, pretty good work out. It wasn't busy but it seemed like everyone was trying to do the same work out so it took a little longer then expected. Got to love those days! After work just went home made spaghetti and watched some TV with Kelly. I'm so ready for the weekend. Since there wasn't anything interesting today I will post my get to know you questions from work stay tuned for those!
Keep it real!

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