Monday, January 24, 2011

back to school!

Back to school, Back to school got to prove i'm not a fool, haha. We'll the first day of training was a breeze. I got to sleep in since I didn't have to be there till 830 and we didn't do shit, I helped the others set up their computers and told them about the call center. There are 4 other people besides myself in the class. Only one other guy. He said he served in Qatar so I'm assuming he was in the military. He's a little shy but nice. There is this butch chick, kind of scared me a bit when I first walked in. She had what looked like combat/hiking boots a guy hair cut and basically guy clothes on, but she was pretty nice and she is volunteer dog rescuer! One of the other ladies use to work there about 10 years ago and already had worked there for 16 years so she gets to start at 29 days of PT0! Holly shit what would I do with that much time off? Who knows but y'all know I'd use it! The last person, she sits in front of my. She is recent college grad, pretty cute about 5'3", little brunette and she rides horses. Seems like a nice girl.
In class we spent most of the day chatting, you know the get to know you chat. Had to list some interesting facts and share them with the class. Of course they didn't really know what to say when I told them I rode across the US.
In the afternoon we did a little walk around tour, haha, introducing the other to all the other important people. Pretty sure it was a waste of my time but heck it was a stress free day of work, plus we got out at 4pm! Word! I was going to go rip the gym up but I forgot my gym clothes! Damn it! Oh well my hip was starting to bug me towards the end of the day so I just went home and did some mobility drills, foam rolling and stretching. I just want to get this damn thing straightened out so hopefully after I get my car fixed and have my new mtn bike in my basement I'll have a little cash left to go to the doctor and probably get a shot in my hip so I can rip all summer and get this hip issue out of my way. Spent the rest of my night watching American Pickers and Pawn Stars, haha I love those shows!
Keep your heads up boys and girls, I can smell spring and to all you crazies that you still ride your bikes in the winter especially my buddy Ben, Good luck Doomer! I know you got 135miles of cold ass riding in ya!
Keep it real!

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