Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's official!

Alright I have met my goals for 2011, at least most of them. We got our puppy about a month ago and now, finally I will have my bike this week! I ordered it yesterday! I purchased the 2011 Reign 2 and I got a killer deal! I got the 2011 for a better price than that other bike shop, that I will no longer mention, was going to sell  the 2010 for! haha, jokes on them, they lost a sale and a customer for life, plus I'll never refer anyone to that shop. Well like I had mentioned earlier this week I had been emailing multiple bike shops over the last couple weeks to try and find some close out models that I could hopefully get a good deal on. Most of the shops didn't carry the style of bike that I was looking for, which I kind of figured since there isn't much demand for all mountain bike, probably because there aren't any real mountains around here. Some offered to give me a "deal" but that turned out to be like 10% off or so. Ok that's alright but not really what I was looking for and it probably wasn't going to be in my budget. I did have a couple shops offer me a couple '08's but a little older then I wanted to go and then there was the Bicycle Chain in Roseville. They told me they would check out and find me a close out from the manufacture as long as I was willing to order it. I was like ok. They told me that there was a few Giants and maybe a couple Specialized. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get there till Saturday and I guess they all sold except for some big travel freeride bikes, a little bit too much bike for me! Then, I think he felt a little bad that they all sold, he said he would give me a deal on a '11. My heart sank a little. I wasn't holding my breath and I began to believe that I wasn't going to find a bike but when he gave me an offer that I couldn't really resist. I ended up with a bomb bike for quite a bit under MSRP and only about $100 over, after shipping and tax, my budget. So it was a win for me and I have nothing but great things to say about him and his bike shop.
Bike shop review: 4 stars out of 5 (it's tough to get 5 stars in my book, especially around here, to get more then 4 around here, you would have to have a pump track or some proper test ride area and maybe some good mtn bike videos playing!)
I do have to say, the he was super friendly right off the bat. My man Dave was prompt with his emails and eager to help a fellow rider out. When I got there nothing changed he was super friendly. We shot the shit for about 30mins and then got to business. We looked at numbers and then weighed the pros and cons of the bikes and a bit more shootin' the breeze. The other guy there, the mechanic, builds his own frame! A-train frames! Bomb! If you want one or to check them out there are a couple at the shop and I'm sure he could make a custom for you!
I'm super excited about the whole experience and I would totally recommend you check this shop out if you are interested in purchasing a bike or if you need anything along the lines of cycling or mtn biking!

Isn't she a beauty! Oh I can't wait to get it and be able to put it through it's passes and give you a good review after I give it a proper thrashing!
The recap for the week/weekend. Thursday, not much going on. I had a great work out. Friday, work dragged on, I had to work till 5 since I had to drop the pup off at doggy daycare, when I got off I was already thinking about Saturday. All I could think about was getting a bike! We did hang out with some friends on Friday night, ordered pizza and watched Mega Mind. It was pretty good for a kids movie, for what I saw. I fell asleep with about 20mins left. I don't know I guess I'm just an old man. Saturday, besides hanging out at the bike shop. We went to Kelly's parents and hung out for a bit and then went to Hall Pass. Now that was a funny, funny movie. I laughed my ass off, the whole time. After the movie we went to Ray J's for some food. I had an amazing burger with some white garlic sauce, it was unbelievably tasty! Today, it is just me and the Jer. We started off with a good nap and then some play time and then he turned into a terror until I had to lay the law down, now he is napping like a good boy so I can type this. I will be going to the gym in a couple mins and then hopefully taking a look at my car's back wheel to see if I can figure out where that noise is coming from, and then we will be going out to see Kelly at here championship race since she promised her racers they would get to see our pup. After that I don't have a clue, you'll have to check back!
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