Thursday, February 10, 2011

what day is it? what a hot mess

Well let's just make it clear, I think we underestimated the undertaking of a puppy in the winter! Potty training is ridiculous. I'm tired and my days are starting to blur together, this weekend needs to get here soon along with the warm weather! I mean seriously, he loves to play in the snow but hates to poop in it! This morning we went out side he peed and wouldn't go for a walk, ok I'll give it to him it was F'n cold out, so we went back inside and like 5 mins later he was right back by the door. They say that alone is progress, ok, so again we went back outside. Nothing this time 3 steps outside and right back to the door. Go back inside and he starts to poop, grab him run outside and nothing. He wouldn't even finish so back inside and I warned him that he would be going into the kennel. 5 mins later he was back at the door, so outside again and again the same thing 3 steps out and right back in. He was all rambunctious but then hot mess on the floor, same spot! So before I blew my top I put him in the kennel and he didn't even really wine. He knew he was in deep shit! After that I got my stuff ready for work took him outside and again nothing but I had to leave then so back to the kennel.

On the way to work my check engine light came on. Call my pops and he told me that he's 90% sure its because my plugs are bad and my engines not running efficiently and set off some O2 censor, so I get to replace those asap, I was trying to hold out to this weekend when it's warmer out!

The recap, yesterday at work we started doing our first "live" work, which means that I was working actual customers stuff. That was exciting and stressful. Work went quickly. After work I went home to relieve Kelly from dog duties. She went to do some much needed work and watch some of her taped TV. After about 2 hours we went to Petsmart to get a Kong dog toy, it was suppose to be the greatest thing since slice bread. I was hoping it would keep him occupied for hours so in the morning I could get ready for work and it was suppose to help with kennel training and bed time but it was a huge flop! He doesn't like peanut butter! WTF what dog doesn't like peanut butter! Yeah so now I have to go back to pet smart and get some of the other spendy flavored fills, like bacon! Everyone loves bacon! The rest of the night was pretty uneventful, he was pretty good all night. Only went out twice and didn't wine too much! Still pretty tired today! Well I hope you all are as excited for the weekend as me!

Keep it real!

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