Wednesday, February 23, 2011

day 3

Ok, we have made it half way through the week, things can only get better from here, right? Well I sure hope so. Things are looking up in the bike hunt. I've sent out about 20-25 emails to bike shops around the greater metro area and some even farther out. I figured if I sent an email to every Giant, Specialized and Trek dealer I would pretty much cover every bike shop that would carry a mountain bike that I would want. I'm open to any brand as long as it meets my criteria of 120-160mm of travel and be full suspension. I want something that I can ride aggressively, take drops, jumps and abuse a little. Plan is to race a little XC give DH a go and be able to ride some fun single track. I'll be riding around the metro area, Redwing and up north for sure and I'm planning on taking my bike to Tennessee to the smokey mountains and out to the Black Hills to do some shredding. I've gotten a good response from a lot of bike shops already. Some didn't have what I was looking for in stock but are willing to look close outs for me to see if they can help me out so I will be following up them and heading to some bike shops this weekend so see what they can offer me! Time is still on my side but I will feel better when I have that steed in my possession!
Work in this position is way better then my other, I love just doing the work at my pace and jamming to the tunes. After work I went home and Kelly and I took Jerry for a walk, then I made hamburgers and watched some TV.  Life is pretty good right now, I just need a bike and snow to melt and it would be golden!
Keep it real!

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