Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the shot heard round the world

haha ok maybe not around the world but it sure did f'n hurt! I went to the orthopedic doc yesterday morning and they told me that my x-ray looked perfect and my range of motion is good, there is a little popping but it looks like bursitis and he gave me some exercises to strengthen my gluteus minimus and then he gave me the cortisone steroid shot. Damn did that one hurt and it was kind of sore the rest of the day but I didn't wake up with my usual pain, there is some risidual soreness from the shot but I'm so excited about having my hip back, I really hope that this was the fix. I will be taking the rest of the week off and starting back on Sunday with my strenght program. He told me to give it a solid week before I got on a bike or start running so I will do that and hopefully in a week or so I can get my lungs back together.
Yesterday work went super fast again even though I had to work till 7pm to make up for the time I missed with my doctor appointment. After work there wasn't a lot going on. Just played with Jerry and watched some TV.
This weather is really giving me cabin fever and I want to ride my bike bad. Unfortunately the LHT is in pieces in the basement as I'm going through that getting it ready for the gravel racing series and some commuting this spring/summer. It was super dirty! And my mtn bike is still sitting on the shelf at the bike shop, hopefully not for long. I'm going to the bank tonight to get the cash money and I will be going to the bike shop tomorrow to hopefully wheel and deal my way on to some new wheels! Keeping the fingers crossed! I'll let you know!

Keep it real!

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