Monday, February 7, 2011

what a weekend! but a good one!

Ok where to start. I guess I will try to go chronologically. Friday was a pretty easy day of work, it did seem to take a little longer then normal but that is to be expected, a little weekenditis. To add to the excitement, Kelly was emailing me all afternoon with pictures of puppies that she wanted to get, this weekend! Talk about short notice. I was also worrying about my car and what I was going to do if it didn't get finish. Plus I always have the anxiety that I'm going to get that call that something else needs to be fixed. Of course something came up but it's not going to cost me more, just delay me getting my car back. The part they ordered was defective and they had to rush order it, so now my car wont be ready till tonight. Not really an issue since they gave me a free loaner but it will cause me to have to work out at Woodburry Lifetime which is a mess at that time! Oh well. After work, when it finally ended, I went and got my loaner car and headed to the gym. I've officially finished week one of my DB combos workout. I have been doing it on and off for a couple weeks but I wanted to start it at the beginning of the month and I figured it would be good to figure out the correct weights and learn the routine well so I can get the most out of my program. After the work out there was a lot of debating about if we were ready to get a dog this weekend or not and verdict was just go for it. So Kelly set up a meeting for Saturday to meet the puppy.

Saturday we woke up ate, headed to the pet store and picked up the necessities for the puppy, ate lunch and headed up to East Bethal, MN to meet the puppy. As I figured Kelly fell instantly madly in love and I couldn't help myself either. We paid for the dog and headed back to Kelly's parents. Of course everyone loves a puppy, so it got lots of attention. Now the fun begins, potty training and all the other training that is associated with a new puppy as well as the sleepless nights from having to take the dog out every 2 hrs to go pee! Oh well he is too cute to get mad at and stay mad. The rest of the afternoon was spent just playing with the puppy.

Sunday was a fun day. It was just me and Jerry, that's the new puppy's name. Kelly had to go skiing. I wasn't going to get up till when Kelly had to leave but of course that didn't work out.  A new puppy is definitely a hand full, especially for Kelly, because she's never had a dog and she is big softy. Jerry wines or bats his eyes and she melts, haha, but she's getting better. Anyways she was trying to get him outside and he deuced on the carpet and she needed help cleaning it up and taking care of him. Jerry and I went for a walk when Kelly left, we played in the snow and hung out for pretty much all of the day. He just had to spend about 1.5hrs of alone time as I went to the gym. That evening we all went to Kelly's parents for a Superbowl party. I think it was a bit overwhelming for Jerry. All the attention and all the people and noise, but he was really good. Only a couple accidents, peeing on the carpet, no big deal. The Superbowl was cool, I didn't really care who won but it was a pretty good game.

On a side note, I did get my tax return filed! and it was pretty good so I will have enough to get my bike and pay off my car repair bill! Yeah, I can't wait to get the money in my account so I can go wheel and deal and get my bike! I'm so excited about that! Just so much exciting stuff happening right now. Can't wait to get home to see Jerry, he's so cute. I'll try to post some pictures tonight!

Keep it real!

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