Thursday, February 3, 2011

:) smile because you have to!

Well Well, the weekend is approaching quickly, of course I wish it was Friday already but to stay on the positive note, it is Thursday and work has been going quickly. I almost have all of the documents to file my taxes. I'm getting pretty anxious to by my bike, even though I wont really be able to ride it for another couple months. I will on the other hand be able to sit on it and track stand in my basement while watching TV. I know it sounds dorky but track stand practice is important, balance is a great skill to have and speaking of TV we had to get a new box from direct TV since ours doesn't work anymore. The box is free but we have to pay $20 shipping and handling. I think that's pretty bunk. If thier equipment doesn't work they should send it to us for free!
This week started out great for my hip, it felt awesome. Probably the best it's felt in a long time, Mon = 9, Tues = 8, Weds= 7.5 and today I'd give it a 6. It appears to be going down hill and I'd have to say it's from sitting so much and how do I get away from that? I can't! I work a desk job, I do some mobility drills and stretches in the morning which helps 90% of the time a lot, not so much this morning and I strength train and do mobility drills 3 times a week and on my days off I stretch and foam roll, which seems to be making progress on the problem slowly. I'm excited to go to the doctor and hopefully get this resolved in a couple weeks. The season is drawing closer and it's about time to buckle down and get serious.
Another thing I'm actually pretty excited about is getting my clutch fix in my car. I'm not excited about spending the money but I am excited to not have to nurse it everywhere I go and be able to drive it pretty reliably.
Work yesterday was ok, it went quickly and I guess I learned some new stuff. I haven't spoke to my boss since the review and don't really have any plans to, at least any time soon that is.
After work I worked out, pretty solid quick work out. I went to the Woodburry Lifetime, because I wanted to beat traffic since I would be going to that end of the world for dinner but it didn't end up saving my any time since that lifetime was a zoo, 10mins driving around trying to find a parking lot, then waiting for a locker. Thankfully my work out doesn't involve treadmills or work out machines or I would have never finished. That's probably the main reason I wont be going back there anytime soon.
No plans for after work today besides my mobility and foam roll exercises. Ice my hip if needed, drop my car off at the shop and relax! I've got my work face on, hope you got yours on! ;)
Keep it real!

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