Thursday, February 17, 2011

Made it to the summit again!

Well we are on the way down to the weekend. I'm really looking forward to this weekend. I'm going back home to a-town. I will be my first time back since Thanksgiving and we're bring Jerry to meet my parents and Scooby, my other dog. So we'll see how that goes.
Work was good, it's kind of crazy saying that. It gets a little hectic and slightly stressful but it's nice to just process my work and the days go quickly. After work I went to the bank and got out the cash money! and the anxiety started. All I could think about from that point on were the multitudes of different scenarios that could go down with the negotiations for this bike. I tried to keep them positive, like a pep talk, but that occasional negative one slips through, like what happens if they don't want to wheel and deal. Oh well all I can do is try, and that is what I'll be doing as soon as I get off work today! Big money, big money, no whammies! haha
Besides conniving about my future bike purchase, I spent the evening running errands, groceries, dog stuff, ect. and hanging out with Kelly and Jerry! Hopefully I'll have good news for you tomorrow and maybe some pics.
Keep it real!

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