Friday, February 11, 2011

brand new ride!

Haha jk, I didn't get a new car, but it feels like it. I changed my spark plugs last night so my car is now running smooth like butter! I finally got to experience the new clutch and all it's glory! and damn it is nice! One last minor thing to take care of, get the rear tire rebalanced. I think the weight got knocked off and then go to the auto parts store to use there computer to shut off the check engine light and we will be ready to rock and roll!

Yesterday was over all a pretty good day. Work went quickly and wasn't stressful. I was finally able to get back to my normal routine of working out after work and it was a good work out. I had someone ask me about my work out and told them all about it and gave them to check out some of the other stuff and discussed the pros of riding platform pedals. He loved the work out but thought I was a bit crazy about the platforms but I told him not to believe me but check out the facts on bikejames and give it a try! After work I rescued Kelly from the puppy for a little bit, made dinner and fixed my car. Kelly's brother Tommy and his friend Dante came over and hung out with us. They are watching the dog today since Kelly will be out of town all day today and I can't go home to let him out.
I hope you all are as excited as me for the weekend! We will be going to Sandstone to go ice climbing on Saturday, I'm pretty jacked for that! I hope you all have big plans, it's suppose to be mid 30's! Holla!

Keep it real!

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