Monday, February 14, 2011

where did the time go!

I don't even know where the time went today. I hope it stays like this, probably not but I can hope. My day just flew by. I almost skipped all of my breaks and lunch I was so into jammin' my tunes and doing my work, if it wasn't for my stomach telling me it's time to eat. It's also cool because right now I don't have any pressure to get work done right now. It's basically as much as I can get done is good work.

I got the good news today, my tax return is all in! Holla! With in seconds of seeing that money in my account I could feel it burning a hole in my pocket, just screaming spend me! Buy that bike! Oh yeah hopefully it will be going down Thursday after work, but I have a number in my mind and I need to play hard ball to get/ stay as close to that number as possible. We will have to see how good my "pawn star" negotiation skills are! Tomorrow is another big day. I have a doctor appointment. I'm hoping they are going to say it's nothing big and probably give me a shot in my hip and by the weekend I'll be feeling amazing. The hip has been feeling pretty damn good lately. Jerry even slammed the door knob into my hip and it hurt but it didn't put me down like it would have a month or so ago.

After work I went to pick up Kelly to take her to drop off her ice climbing boots since she couldn't drive her care because she sliced her tire and unfortunately it's not salvageable and she has to get a new one and her tires are spendy, like 2 bills spendy! yikes!

Well I wish you all the best this week!
Keep it real!

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