Wednesday, February 9, 2011

fat puppy!

Jerry had to go to the vet yesterday for the first time. He was surprisingly good there, he just wanted to smell everything and everyone loved him. They were calling him the little stud and they couldn't believe that he was 30lbs, yes that is correct he is 13 weeks and a huge fatty! haha, the vet said it's because he probably has worms. He does have some of the signs, like eating like a horse, a pot belly and belching a lot. So he got 3 shots and was given some powder to kill the worms. I was told he will poop a lot the next couple days and then he will be about 5lbs lighter, skinner and eat less! all good things! haha.

My day was pretty good, training is drawing to an end. I'm kind of sad about that. I love the slack days with no real work to do. After we took Jerry to the vet we went home and ate and then I went to the gym. It was a good work out, I can definitely feel the work out doing what James promised and I'm only on week 2!

Again I ended up sleeping on the floor. I think Jerry has anxiety about being abandoned for some reason. I don't know if it's a good thing that I sleep by him but my thoughts are that it will get him use to the kennel at least, since I make him sleep in it with the door shut. He is slowly getting better about letting us know when its time to go to the bathroom so less and less accidents! Unfortunately I think the wormer got the best of him. I took him for his 6am walk and he deuced and then came in and ate. I thought I was all good to start getting ready for work, nope! Turned my back and another big hot mess on the kitchen floor! Dang it! So I woke Kelly up for back up since he likes to be right on top of you when you try to clean it up! Oh fun time with the new puppy! Hope your mornings are as eventful as mine!

Keep it real!

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