Sunday, February 20, 2011

Braving the storm

This weekend was a bit of a blur and not a Santa Cruz blur, that would be too sweet, haha. It was a blast though. Friday I worked til 4:15, it was the first day that it dragged on. I think it had a bit to do about looking forward to going back to my parents. When I got of work I hurried home, we loaded up the car and got Jerry ready to go meet Scooby and the parents. The drive to Aberdeen when off with out a hitch. Jerry didn't have any accidents and only had to stop a couple times. When we got to my parents the craziness began almost instantly. The dogs went at it doing there yipping and smelling and running and chasing all over the yard and then carried on with that for at least 2 hours in the basement until Jerry got a cut in his mouth and started bleeding all over the place so we had to settle them down. Needless to say Jerry slept really well that night, didn't make a peep till just after 7am when Scooby came to bang on his kennel.
Saturday was much of the same, the dogs played all day and we just hung out with my family did a little shopping and had a good, relaxing time.
Sunday was definitely interesting. We were going to stay till about lunch like normal. We normally eat lunch with my parents and then they fill up the car and we head out but this time we decided to leave about 10 to beat the storm and then my dad was called into work about 745am. It started to snow before we thought it would so plans changed again. We loaded up the car and said our good byes and hit the road early and it was a good thing. Right away it was just a little windy and some blowing snow but quickly turned into white knuckle driving. I handed off the wheel about 2 hours from home and we hit a break in the weather till we got into the city and then the shit hit the fan. We got some serious snow which I think shit on quite a few peoples hopes and spring dreams, but it's ok with me. I don't have my mtn bike yet and until I do I don't care if there is snow on the ground. We aren't even into March yet, which is historically the snowiest month in MN, so don't put your shovel away yet! haha
Keep it real!

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