Friday, February 18, 2011

Bummer dude!

Well the guy at the bike shop didn't want to play ball. I flashed the cash and he was havin' none of it. So I'm still holding a fat stack of hundies and he still has the bike I wanted. I actually have a sense of relief for some strange reason. I would have rather had a sense of joy with my new bike under my ass but I guess it's back to streets. I'll keep my eyes peeled and ears open. I've already put the word out to some of my biker friends to see if they know of anything or if they hear of anything to let me know.
So the recap. I walked into the bike shop, started chatting with the owner guy that I had emailed previously. I showed him the bike I was interested in. He seemed super cool and then I asked how much. He punched some numbers into the computer, gave me a number that was a little off the sticker price. I told him I had a fat stack of cash in my pocket, through out a low ball figure just to check his reaction and pulled out the hundies and didn't even hesitate with a quick no way. I was like come on I'm paying in cash, what's the best you can do. He dropped it a bit more, now we're talking getting a little closer. I gave him my absolute best offer, straight dirty Benjamin's and nothing. He wasn't budging and as soon as we started to haggle he turned into a huge douche bag. He wasn't in the mood at all, I knew when I got there and started to look around and saw all these '08 and '09 and a couple '10 and no '11 mtn bikes only '11 bikes I saw were roadie wagons, I was in for an up hill battle. I guess they don't like to move stock. I gave him a fair price for my final offer and he just gave me some bull shit spiel about how many of those bikes they sell.
The truth, that bike has been there for over a year, it is the same bike I test road in August, and September last year, it's not going anywhere anytime soon. The first time I went in there to talk to them about it they tried to sell me two other bikes before I could even talk to them about it. Honestly there aren't very many people coming into bike shops around here asking for 6" travel bikes. There is no market, the bikes sweet but I'm not that set on it. Other shops don't even carry the bike because there is no demand. Oh well fuck that guy and fuck his bike shop, Apple Valley Bike and Ski just lost a customer and any free props or referrals. Too bad I thought there staff was pretty cool, but there boss is an ass!
After that I went home and started the search for a new bike and hung out with Kelly and Jerry.
Definitely looking forward to this weekend, can't wait to get home!
Keep it real!

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