Monday, February 21, 2011

let it snow

Got to sleep in a little longer today and spend a bit more time with the pup this morning. Thanks to the snow work was delayed till 10am. It was great to sleep in, by that I mean 7am, and I'm actually able to do so these days since the pup will sleep through the night with usually only one bath room break. Work when by super fast since I was only there for about 6hrs! I wish everyday was like that. Still looking for a bike but this weather doesn't have me too itchy to ride. I've finished going through my LHT, minus the bottom bracket since the crank puller I have doesn't fit my cranks. Oh well it's just going to be a commuter till the fall so I'll gets some help and go through it thoroughly before then.
After work I drove home and just hung out with the pup and played in the snow. He loves playing in the snow and it's so funny to watch him! Hope this week goes well for all of you!
Keep it real!

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