Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Get Your Work Face On!

Well my day started out great hearing about Ben's success, congrats again and continued with a pretty mellow tone until it drew closer to my lunch time. I had forgot my lunch today so I had the stress of going someplace to get food, not that big of deal as there are plenty right by my work, but doing it in 30mins and with no room for error because I had my annual review right after my lunch, which I wasn't too excited about.  The lunch worked out fine, I got my burrito and ate it in the allotted 30mins. The review also was ok could have been better but could have been a lot worse, I was given a 3 over all which is a satisfactory score. I had a little agenda I was going to discuss but had to change a bit on the fly when I found out my new boss was going to be sitting in on the review, didn't want to start off on a bad foot with her. Well I learned a few valuable lessons today. 1. No matter how good of relationship you have with your boss, it's probably not real and you should keep how you feel about work related things to yourself at all times especially when they are negative. 2. You are not allowed to be negative at work, so put your fake face on at all times no matter your opinion about anything even if it is really stupid and for sure if it isn't a positive remark about "how great the company is." 3. In corporate America it pays off best to be an ass kiss and a yes man.Which I am neither. Basically I wanted to say Fuck you and walk out but I decided that it would be as good as time as any to put on my happy face tell them thank you for your time, I will listen to your suggestions and try to be a better corporate zombie!
I don't get it, I'm not a negative person, which bums me out even more, and I'm usually very energetic, but as soon as I sit down at that desk, I am a huge Debbie downer and become very tired! My new motto is now going to be "positive with out passion or protest!" so that when I get to work I can put my work face on do my job, lie to myself and my co-workers, especially the management and then walk out the door whisper fuck you and grab my bike and smile. Just keep telling my self, self sponsored cycling this place is only a means to an end = affording to riding my bike! After that meeting it took me a little bit to cool down because I didn't get everything off my chest that I wanted to but it is what it is and now it's time to forget about it. New department, new job duties, new co-works and new management, an all fresh new start! Minus I still work for the same company and I'm sure this review will haunt me like everything else at this GD company!
After work I went home hung out with Kelly, made dinner and watched TV and forgot about work, till I wrote this, oh well at least I have a job! End it positive right?
Keep it real!

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