Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Well there are no more uneventful days at our house, that's for sure and puppies don't like to poop in the cold! haha. He only pooped once last night after going out 4 times and this morning he wouldn't even go for his walk, he peed and then ran back to the door. I couldn't get him out of the driveway. So we went back in and ate breakfast and as I was packing my lunch, deuce! At least it was on the kitchen floor so ti was easy to clean up. I am very tired this morning and the dog has driven me back to drinking! coffee that is! I am now artificially operating on caffeine.
Yesterday at work nothing really to report. It is my last week of training, which means last week of stress free slacking. What a bummer. I hope this new position is a lot better then the last. After work the plan was to go get my car and then go to the gym but the car wasn't ready when they told me it would be so I went home to give Kelly a break. So I played with Jerry for an hour and then went to get my car. It ended up costing just under $1500, $200 more then expected. pretty shitty if you ask me and to boot it doesn't feel right. My dad told me to give it a couple days because I'm not use to driving it but I thought with a new clutch it would be rock solid and just rip but I can't even start in 2nd gear from a stop and I could do that with my shitty clutch! Oh well, they welded up my exhaust so it doesn't sound like a stock car. I found out that my back tire is out of balance so it shakes and howls a bit when I'm going 60+ so I have to get that balanced and there is a bit of miss firing going on so this weekend I have to change my spark plugs. I hope that fixes that. It hasn't been done in awhile. After getting my car we went the grocery store and got home. It was pretty late so I said forget it I will just do back to back work out days this week, no biggy.
The rest of the night was spent playing with Jerry. I hope you all had a great start to you week! ;)

Keep it real!

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