Sunday, May 1, 2011

crazy weekend!

The weekend started out with Jerry eating part of squirrel and Kelly getting concerned about Jerry getting sick. After some Internet searching and some calls to the vet we found out that the only really serious thing that we need to worry about is heart worm and they said even that probably isn't going to happen. We just needed to watch his stools for worms and excessive itching for fleas and lice. Crisis averted. I got of work and headed home loaded the camping gear and we were off to William O'Brien State Park. It started off great until Kelly realized she didn't pack the tent poles, oops! well good deal that it wasn't that far to go back and get them. Adam and I set up as much of camp as we could and then its started to rain and we played lawn games till the girls got back and it conveniently stopped raining and we made dinner. It started raining, right after we went to bed and it didn't stop till we got back to the cities. It was awesome tearing down camp in the rain, haha jk!
Later that day Jerry and I went for a walk and decided to explore this wooded area not too far from our place. We were having a great time Jerry was off the leash and running all over the place. As we were walking towards this pond I saw this huge hole and was like dang that's a gnarly animal that lives in that, probably a badger or something so I kept Jerry away and we went to the pond. As we were playing by the pond I heard this low growl and bark and was like what is that. I look up and see what I think is a dog and was hmm and then it did it again and I looked closer and was like shit that's a coyote, I guess that hole was it's den. It must be a mother with pups, most times coyotes are really skittish. So I yelled at it and it scampered away and I grabbed Jerry put him on the leash and started up the hill the other direction but the coyote followed and was growling and I yelled again but this time it didn't stop coming  but started to pick up speed and I was like F it will kill Jerry like nothing. Earlier I had found this disc golf Frisbee and still had it in my hand and turned and tomahawk threw it at the coyote and almost drilled it in the head and it hauled ass the other way and we high tailed it out of there. Good deal I spent all that time on the disc golf course in college, haha. Second crisis averted for the weekend.
Today was going pretty well, minus the cold weather and wind. I haven't got on my bike all weekend, so my mind is about 90% made up I'm not doing the Almanzo anymore. Weather just didn't play ball and I didn't have time to train. The cool rainy weather just didn't inspire me to train and I guess I just wasn't that into it so oh well. We were discussing what we were going to do the rest of the day and then about 1pm. Jerry was playing with this rock, about 2inches long and 3/4-1inch wide and then he barked at something and I looked over at him and was like where the heck did that rock go. I thought he knocked it down the stairs and that was why he was barking but I didn't see it anywhere. After about 10mins of searching we had to assume that he swallowed it. Then the panic set in. What do we do? Hell I don't know. Vets not open. We call the first ER vet and they were like bring him in asap but before we panic we call the other ER vet and check the Internet and they both said that he might pass it and to watch for symptoms like dry heaving, puking, loss of appetite, constipation, and lethargy and to feed him soft food mixed with canola oil to help him pass it. So that is what we are doing. I went and got soft food and so far no issues. It's been about 3.5hrs but we will keep watching and keeping his poop for a rock. Kelly might take him to the vet tomorrow just to get a x-ray to see if he actually swallowed it since we didn't see him do it! Oh Jerry, you know how to make the weekend interesting! haha
Keep it real!

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