Wednesday, May 4, 2011

and the saga continues

Well the Jer Bear is still doing alright, no loss of appetite, still rambunctious as ever and has multiple poops a day so no worries yet. If he still doesn't have signs by Friday we will be going to the vet in a-town to have an x-ray to see where the rock is, unless he passes it tomorrow sometime.
Hit up Battle Creek (BC) yesterday. It was a lot of fun. I still haven't rode all the trails there. It just spider webs all over the place. I did a couple laps on the trails I knew and then decided to explore. I ended up ripping this pretty technical down hill that ended up at a half ass road and I was like shit where do I go now so I started to ride back to what I believed to be the parking lot. Then I ran into this guy all decked out in down hill gear, I mean the full boat. Full face helmet, flack jacket, the gloves with the plastic knuckles, bomber shorts and shins, haha a bit of an over kill if you ask me but what ever makes you feel good. He was pretty cool a bit out of shape. He had to stop twice on the way to the top of this down hill he was going to show me. At the top we met this other guy and ripped back down. By the time we made it back to the parking lot my tire was flat! Damn it pinch flat. I had a tube in my car but I had just taken out the pump for some dumb reason. Who knows, so that was the end of my night. We were on our way to rip the luge but I chatted with them for a bit and then loaded up my bike and headed home.
Today work sucked since I didn't go yesterday and stayed home to watch the pup. I had to try to catch up. Thank God a couple people helped me catch up a little bit. After work it was time to hang with Jerry again. Kelly had golf league tonight so I hung out with Jerry. She said she would be back about 730pm and I saw that Lebanon opened up at noon today so I had to try and sneak off for a quick ride. I put Jerry in the kennel from 730-830 and went a did a quick, well as quick as I could, lap. It is definitely a great trail that is very well maintained. There is a lot of trail that I didn't get to ride. The black diamond was pretty cool. I don't know if I would call it a black diamond. It wasn't as intimidating as other people had made it out to be, but definitely a lot of fun and I'm pretty excited to get back there and explore some more of the trail and hit up the double black diamond.
This weekend I'll be back in a-town for my brothers graduation. I'll be taking my bike with me and hope to hit up Richmond trails with some of the locals!
Keep it real!

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