Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well today started off like always Jerry waking me up and me feeding him and then walking him around for his morning deuce, then back to his kennel and time for my morning deuce. Then back to bed, today I had to work a later shift so I didn't have to be at work till 1030 so I thought I'd get a little more sleep and then get up and ride my bike to work. Everything was going as plan until I started my bike ride. I hadn't researched the rout too much but I had a good idea of how to get there. The problem is that I have to get across the MN river and I'm not allowed by MN law to ride on the 77 freeway. So there is this old train bridge that was transformed to a foot bridge. It took me about 20mins longer then it should have to get to the bridge. I missed the turn and went down the wrong way for a bit and when I finally found the bridge it was closed. Not just a sign saying it was closed but a 10 ft tall chain link fence reinforced by a 1/2inch cable running from post to post and these post were solid and looked like they had been there a while. The signs looked old and were spray painted. On top of that they took out 10 feet of planks on the other side of the fence and put another fence on the other side of that. They really didn't want people to cross it. I could see where I needed to be only about 100 meters away but it wasn't going to happen. I had no idea how else to get there so I had to retreat and head home. I went home and showered and got in my car and headed to work.
Work was alright, got a fair amount of stuff done, but had to work till 7pm so not much time to do anything after work.
I came home and Jerry met me at the door and wanted to get rowdy. So he had to go in his kennel to settle down. I did notice a bulge and my heart sunk, I hope to God it is not another hernia. He hasn't done anything, he did jump on the couch once and did get a little rowdy a couple times but nothing like last time, I felt it and it was hard, about the size of a halved walnut or so, not like a hernia or like his last hernia anyways. It was too late to call the vet so I will have to call them tomorrow and see what they say and he might have to go to a vet here to have it checked out. I don't think I can handle this anymore. I've been so stressed ever since this first surgery and I know Kelly is at about wits end. He only had to make it till next Weds and he should be fine. So he better settle the Fuck down I don't know might have to up the meds if needed. I hate to sedate him so much but it's in his best interest. We'll see what it looks like tomorrow and what the vet has to say when I call them. Fingers crossed
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