Tuesday, May 10, 2011

bonking at lebanon!

Today I got up did my work out before work. Made it through another day at the office and decided to check out Lebanon on the way home. It looked great, so I ran home and grabbed my bike and hit the trail. I was feeling it right away. I had to hit the fat table right towards the beginning a couple times. Love throwing fat whips off that thing. It is just so smooth! Unfortunately I was already starting to bonk by I go to the middle black and double black sections. Very big bummer. I had to try a few of the sections that I've already blasted a couple times to clean them I don't know what it was. Was it because I lifted this morning or my nutrition was off or some combo? I don't know but it sucked. I ended up taking 3 breaks just to be able to ride the tech stuff effectively! Not cool. I was so glad to be back to the parking lot which is never the case for me. I ended up with 9.2miles in just over 1hr and 30mins, not too bad. If it wasn't for my flow on the down hill I would have died. haha well hopefully this week stays dry and I can get a few more rides in a week and start to build up my endurance!
Keep it real!

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