Thursday, May 19, 2011

the ghost shifter

Today was a pretty straight forward day nothing crazy at work, just did my work and went on with my day. I couldn't really keep my thoughts on work after about 1 or so. My buddy Stu picked up his new bike today, a sexy looking black and red Giant Anthem X 29er, definitely a sweet ride.
I met Stu at Lebanon at about 530 and we checked out the bike, tried to get his pedals off his other bike. They must have put those things on with lock tight. I even tried penetrating oil, nothing. So we threw on my egg beaters and he wore my shoes. Not like I use them much right now. I might rock them for the cross season, we'll see. So far I haven't even put those pedals on my bike this year and not planning on it right now. After we got that shit sorted we hit the trail.  A quick lap around the parking lot to get him use to the clips then a quick run on the green trail and then go to rippin'. Love that first technical section there and I light it up today. I almost bunny hopped clean over the big rock and then launched the first rock garden, right through the next, off the drop jump and I had to do a quick brake check and skied that table! Huge whip, it felt so sick right into another whip of the double. When we got the road we stopped to adjust my seat. I thought I had a huge smile on my face but stu had a bigger one. He was like holy shit you skied that jump! haha I told him to rip it, it's so smooth. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll break him out of his XC shell. I don't know how well those 29ers jump but I'm sure I could whip it! haha or I'd sure like to give it a try.
The rest of the ride was pretty good. We only did a full lap, including the black and double black section about 9.4 miles total tonight.
I really got to see where those 29ers shine. I would catch him on the DH when he was leading and through the rough stuff. I don't know if that comes down to bike or rider but he we would catch me pretty damn quick when I was leading. Those bikes fly on the flatter stuff and climb pretty damn well. I would like to really get to lay into a 29er one of these days and put it through the ropes.
We did cut it a little short for my normal goes but it was stu's first ride and his low back started to bother him.
Definitely glad to have a riding buddy now. We are pretty equal but have some different talents but that should benefit us in the end, gives us something to improve on!
Keep it real!

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