Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Jer Report

Ok so Jerry is home safe and sound. Thanks to my parents for taking care of him on Sunday and taking him to the vet, picking him up, paying the bill and dropping him off! Thank God for nice parents that are willing to help you out even when you "grow up," (haha I'll never grow up!)
Unfortunately we have to take extra special precautions this time so that we don't have any accidents. This means stacking shit on all the furniture so he doesn't jump on it. We have baby gates to keep him from going up and down the stairs. He has sedatives to keep him chilled out and a larger crate so that when we need to keep him confined or settle him down. We hope all this will work and we don't have to deal with it again. The vet said that he had to be as docile as possible for the next 7 days. Jerry isn't allowed to run, jump, swim, climb stairs or even go on prolonged walks. He is to sleep and lay down as much as possible! Damn that is hard to do with a 7month old puppy and he is a rowdy little shit especially in the morning and this morning was no different. I thought he was going to be pretty chill. He started to get a little excited so I gave him some sedatives but it takes a while to kick in and he started to get rowdy again so I was going to put him in the kennel but as I was walking from the kitchen and he jumped over the back of the couch. My heart stopped. I picked him up off the couch and put him in his kennel. I hope that no damage was done there. It looks fine but who knows.
Work has been a bit stressful this week since my mind isn't totally in the game and I'm not quite keeping up this week. On top of that I haven't been able to ride since it's been raining like crazy all weekend and most of this week and on top of that we had to meet my parents half way on Sunday to drop Jerry off. That's about 5hrs in the car, then we went to the Twins game on Monday after work (what a heart breaker!), Tuesday we had to pick Jerry up and tonight is Kelly's golf night so I have to keep an I on Jerry. I am going to sneak out and get a jog in. I haven't ran in a long time but I feel like I'm getting fat and I don't like it. Tomorrow I'm hoping to ride my bike to work since I have to work later, 1030-7pm. I might try to stretch the ride out or ride there early and get a lift in as well. Not sure yet but something I hope! And if there is a God he will stop this damn rain for my sake and the poor farmers and I might be able to get a ride in Friday night and maybe another longer ride this weekend!
I'll keep you posted!
Keep it real!

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