Saturday, May 28, 2011

crash bandacoot

Well yesterday was a wash. I was hoping to get out but you probably read my complaining in the last blog. So this morning I got up and did the normal eat, walk Jerry, shit, watch tv ect ect.... but then after Kelly got up I went for a ride. The trail was dry in some parts, tacky in other and a bit greasy/wet in some. I felt pretty good, a bit out of shape since I hadn't ridden in over a week. I was pretty much the only one out there. I think there was one other car and that person was already on the trail. I went to the jump hit it, came up a bit short. I was a bit too conservative. So with each additional jump I went faster and bigger and then it happened huge flatty and the landing came a little quick or something, but my bike wasn't squared up and I bit it hard. It always seems to be my left side for some damn reason. The left side is either greedy or way more ballsy then the right, haha. It fuckin' hurt too, my left side took the brunt of it and I got a handle bar end to the belly button and first thought was f it I'm done for the day but as I got up and started to walk away it didn't really hurt that much. So I rode back up and hit it again and continued on I was like I know I'll pay for this later but I need to ride. So I kept on ripping. I came up to one of my favorite little down hills, it is a curvy section and one left right got me good. I was carrying some serious speed and had the bike way laid over and the back tire started to drift, no biggie, but then the front started and it was over and this tree was coming quick. I don't know what happened next but the bike hit the tree and then myself and then I was thrown and I ended up with a bump on my shin even though I had shin pads on and a bent front rotor. I didn't know what was making that noise right away so I was adjusting and examining my bike but then I saw it and I didn't know if it could be fixed so I road back to the parking lot and head over to the bike shop.
The guys at Bicycle Chain were able to get it straightened out good enough to ride and not constantly rub! Thanks guys, saved me 45bucks, I couldn't believe how spendy they are, you can get a car rotor for that price! I was thinking of going back but my left hip was starting to stiffen up so it was time to call it a day. Hopefully it doesn't rain too much so I can get a ride in tomorrow!
Keep it real!

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