Monday, May 9, 2011

the weekend recap

The weekend started for me at 330pm Thursday afternoon. Nothing excited unless you find riding 5 hours in a car partially at night with a restless dog exciting. When we finally go to my parents in Aberdeen the dogs went nuts and that is to be expected. Finally got the dogs settled down about midnight. Woke up at 6am and Jerry hated me pretty much straight aways since he was having surgery at about 1030am so he wasn't to be able to eat since 6pm Thursday night. We took him to the vet at about 730am to get his check up and x-ray, yep rock still in the stomach, and yep the 5th vet said we would have to have it surgically removed. The only difference was that he could get neutered and have the rock removed for about 600 bones, about a grand less then the best offer we could get here in the cities! We are now broke, Kelly a bit more then me and Jerry is fixed. Unfortunately Jerry hates us more now, we had to keep him from eating till 6pm Saturday night and he wasn't allowed to play with Scooby, my parents dog, all weekend. He has to be leash walked for at least 7 days and we are to try to keep a 6month old puppy calm for at least 4 days, no jumping, running or rough housing and no swimming for 2 weeks! WTF! how am I suppose to do that! He hates the least, loves to rough house. I want to pull my hair out at night because I normally run the shit out of him for an hour at night before I want to relax so he will sleep and he has a new found love for swimming! Also since he can't swim we can't go to lake like we had discussed this weekend because there isn't a chance in hell that we can keep him out of the water, if he sees water he runs straight to it. That sucks because I was hoping to get my first go at the Cuyuna trail but that isn't going to happen but it's ok I don't think it's actually going to be open yet.
So the rest of the weekend when we weren't tending to Jerry we went to my younger brother Ethan's college graduation. He graduated from Mitchell Technical Institute with a degree in Electrical Construction Engineering. He graduated with honors and won the spirit of MTI award for his department! I'm pretty proud of him. I've always said he was the smart one, he just was a bit lazy and not motivated when he is younger but seem to have got his shit together in the last couple years and that's good.
Saturday afternoon I went to for nice little ride at the Richmond Lake Mtb course, about 12miles from Aberdeen. Really the only place to mtb near Aberdeen. It's not bad for what they have. I would say it would be upper B level course here in the cities. Better then Salem but not as good as BC or Lebanon. It has a pretty fun little loop by the boy scout camp. It has a lot of short ups and steep downs. It doesn't have much for technical wheel play but it does have a lot of tight technical turns which make some of it tricky and almost all of the sweet dh sections have sharp ass turn at the bottom so hanging loose. Have to keep it under control. You can rip it hard but you have to good wit the brakes. It's a bit of a shame since they have this sweet natural water breaks that are like whoops and there were a couple I would have liked to try to double up but would have had way too much speed to stop or corner. I think the only thing I would add is a couple optional technically sections with some wood stacks, a rock garden and maybe some other feature. I know that they are constantly doing work and adding trail out there all the time. So we'll see.
After the ride my brother had his open house so we headed out there had a couple beers and some BBQs and cake. Chatted with some people I hadn't seen in awhile.
Sunday was mothers day so we just hung out, went to church and had lunch with my parents and then headed back to the cities to spend a couple hours with Kelly's mom and then I blinked and it was Monday morning and back to work! Christ that went fast!
Well this is the one week I hope goes really quick I don't think I can handle the restraining of this crazy pooch for much longer, haha.
Keep it real!

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