Tuesday, May 17, 2011

average at best, almost frustrating

Not much to say about today's ride but yuck. I didn't crash but I wish I would have. I would have had a reason to ride all timid and Nancy like. Yes I did crash last ride but I would have only expected to be hesitant on my jumps but I was nailing them I even through down a sick whip x-up. I was feeling fresh in the air but as for some reason I felt awkward as soon as I hit the trail. Can't put my finger on it. The legs weren't rubbery or my lungs weren't burning but I just didn't seem to be as smooth as normal. I was hesitating on throwing the bike into the corners and really leaning it into it. I don't know what it was but I just wasn't trusting my bike, my tires or myself. It must have just been an off day. They say that shit happens but it sucks. I couldn't get my vision right, I found my self looking like 5ft in front of my front wheel instead of 15ft and I found it was difficulty to ride behind people it really causes me to loose focus on the trail. This might start to be a problem if I choose to start racing XC. I did start to flow a little bit towards then end but then I got a slow leak pinch flat! Fuck, I hate walking a perfectly good bike! I had tubes but my pump was at my car. I need to get one of those CO2 things, unfortunately I don't have any cash right now.
Other then riding my day was pretty good. I finally got caught up at work with a little help from my team and the day went rather quickly. Had a good dinner with Kelly and now I'm just chilling watching some tv and debating on if I'm going to get up and go work out tomorrow before work since it's Kelly's day to go have some fun, golf league!
I do hope to get out and ride with my buddy stu on Thursday since he is getting his new bike then. A Giant anthem x 29er. Looks like a sweet bike and exactly what he needs. I suggested he looks at the Salsa Spearfish, definitely on my radar for next bike, but he got a killer deal on this bike as it was raced one race.
Well I hope you all had a better ride then me, hopefully I'll be more focused next ride.
Keep it real!

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