Monday, May 2, 2011

the follow up

Today at work was very stressful. I didn't know what was going to happen. I got up early and headed to the gym at work and got a quick work out in. The vet didn't open till 8am and I knew Jerry was going to have  to go to the vet and we were going to find out if he did swallow the rock or not. I was hoping not but my hopes were dashed. The first vet we went to did the x-rays and said that it was in there as well as a small coin. Silly dog! He said that it could be scoped out but would need to be referred to a different vet. After many stressful hours we finally got some answers... first it was the Oakdale Animal hospital and they didn't want to scope, they wanted to go straight at it and they said it would be 3gs! yeah F that! I will take the rest of the week off and drive back to Aberdeen tomorrow to have the operation done! Then we got a call from a vet in Burnsville that said they could probably do the endoscope and if not could do the surgery for $1400, ok so now we are starting to get to the right ballpark. After talking with the vet for a bit they said that they didn't think they could get it with the endo scope because of the odd shape. The rock is like 2inch by 1inch by maybe a 1/2inch, they said that we could just continue to feed him wet food and watch him as he is big enough to possibly pass it and if he started to show symptoms we should go in as soon as we could and have it removed.
After talking with my pops about the weekend, we are planning on going to my brothers college graduation on Friday, we decided to hold off on the surgery and see if it could pass its self. Just to be safe we called the vet in Aberdeen, they do on call emergency procedures at even less then we would pay here. However the vet here said if it hasn't passed by next Monday he would need to have it removed. So I decided to put him on the book at my parents vet to have the surgery there if he didn't pass it by then or get sick and have to have emergency surgery. Surprisingly, actually not, it is going to cost any where from 300-600 dollars! Yeah lets hope Jerry's stomach is strong and will pass it and if not it hold on till Friday, for Kelly and my wallet's sake!
I don't really get it how it can cost so damn much money here to do anything, another reason to move out of the city!
Well I will keep you in the loop. I will not be going to work tomorrow since I thought Jerry was going to have surgery and Kelly couldn't miss another day of work but either way someone has to keep a close watch on him so I said f work I'd rather sit at home and watch TV and get paid for it and then go mountain biking with Kelly gets home, haha what a great day!
Keep it real!

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