Saturday, May 21, 2011

The pooch

Well some more plans that wont be happening as planned. Jerry was to get his stitches out this last Friday and to be given the go for anything he wanted to do. Well the stitches came out but about 4 days before we noticed he had a bulge by the incision. I had a sneaky suspicion it was a hernia but didn't want to alarm Kelly so I didn't say much but when we went to the vet and they took Jerry in the back and then told us to go to a room I knew this wasn't going to be good. The vet, one we hadn't seen before, broke the bad news said he had a couple inch long hernia were the incision was through his abdominal wall. F! He made it seem like it was the worst thing ever but when we called the vet back in A-town they said we should probably take care of it but didn't seem like it was urgent but we figured the best bet was to just take him back to Aberdeen this weekend. After some discussion with my parents we decided it would work best to just meet them half way Sunday afternoon. Then my pops would drop Jerry off Monday morning and then pick him up after he gets off work on Tuesday and we would meet him half way again. So that is what we will do.
But first we thought we would let the little bear have some fun and tear it up today since he really can't do much more damage. We took him down to his favorite park and let him rip through the woods and go swim in the lake/pond right down there for about a half hour. He loved it, I haven't seen him that happy in a couple weeks. His little tail and butt was wagging so fast. I love seeing him so excited. He loves swimming, he's like a little fish.
Unfortunately it's been raining on and off this weekend since about Friday afternoon, so I don't know if there is going to be any MTB going on. It hasn't rained since about 2pm here and I live right by Lebanon so if it doesn't rain anymore, I might be able to sneak in a quick ride other wise I'll be SOL. I am pretty booked this week so I don't know when I'll sneak in a ride.
Monday we are going to the Twins game for a buddies birthday, Tuesday I either have to work till 7pm if I can't get that changed or I'll be driving to meet my dad to pick up Jerry, and Wednesday I'll have to watch Jerry as Kelly has golf league. I guess probably wont get to the trail till probably Thursday, what a bummer! That's life, what can you do!
Keep it real!

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