Friday, May 27, 2011

false alarm

OK here's the update. I called the vet and the bulge is just a reaction to the internal stitches and should go away when they have dissolved. It might take a little while. The said if it is hard and not able to easily push it in its not a hernia. Also if he has been pretty docile he should have a hernia since he was stitched up pretty well. And he has been so good deal. A few more days of just chilling for Jerry and then probably on Tuesday he can start going for walks and then by 6/6 he should be 100% ready to rip. They said we have to wait about two weeks to get his stitches out so we will have to call our vet and see if the we can get them out on 6/3 or if we should wait the extra 3 days and get them out on 6/6.
Keep it real!

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