Thursday, April 28, 2011

sightly depressed but looking up

well I don't know about you all but I'm pretty dang sick of the weather. I love thunder storms but constant rainy dreary days are really taking their toll on me. One on my mood, two on my motivation and three on the availability of my activities! I just want Lebanon to open so I can ride my bike to one of the sweetest courses in town and save my gas, but it wont stop raining long enough for them to open it up! Hopefully this weekend or early next week. Also it really makes it tough to ride. I don't like riding in the rain, been there done that all the way across PA and it wasn't fun then and I'm sure it isn't fun now, skip it!
I did get out tonight for a about 1.5hr ride. It was super nice out once the sun popped out its head. It is suppose to be low 70's tomorrow! that should help dry some trails out!
No riding tomorrow, Kelly, Jerry and I will be going camping with a couple of our friends and William O'Brien state park just north of Still Water. It should be a lot of fun... First camping trip of the year! Love it, sleeping out side, the sound of the river and wild animals! Tossing the Frisbee, hiking, camp fires and some slack lining! I can't wait!
I will probably go ride Saturday after we get back and maybe Sunday as well, depending on what the weather does. If any one want to ride, hit me up!
Keep it real!

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