Saturday, April 23, 2011

almost 50

Today was my first attempt at some serious miles. I really need to get with the program. I feel a little more confident after today's ride that I might have a chance to finish the Almanzo but I might be a day late and a dollar short but I will still show up and give it my all on May 14th.
Today's ride was going great till I turned around and faced the wind. Yuck! then the pace slowed. I started out from my place headed south to cliff road and then east to county rd 3 and then south again through Rosemount, Empire and Farmington. I turned around about 2 miles from North Field. I was hoping to put in about 4hrs and 60+ miles today. Unfortunately the wind took a tole on my legs and I had to cut it short at about 48mile and 3hrs and 10mins. I hope to get in some more rides but I don't think I will have to time to put in another ride much longer then the one I did today.
It's been cloudy all day today but everything seems to be drying out nicely. The trails that were open are still open so I will be heading to Battle Creek tomorrow about 1230 or 1pm so if anyone is interested in riding with me, drop me a line!
My buddy Ben had to drop out from the trans Iowa, unfortunate. No one likes a dnf on their record but f it. He is still a beast in my mind and I'm still proud of you boss! If you want to check out his full report click on the just bike blogspot link on the right!
Keep it real!

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