Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ride report

Today's ride was a pretty good ride, unfortunately it was a bit short but I had a dog to rescue from the kennel. I put in about 1hr and 11mins and about 13miles. It was a little slower pace but I was pushing the big mountain ripper and it's a little slower roll. I see it as a nice static resistance. Heck we can't all be Ben Doom and put endless miles and hours in the saddle ;) by the way if you read this Ben good luck on your up coming race! Mr. Doom will be dominating the trans Iowa race coming up here in a few days!
For my ride I head through the neighborhood hitting all the cool little steeps, jumps, drops and stairs. Worked on my manuals, balance and bunny hops. I headed over to the jump park but it was a bit wet so I head towards the little section of single track that connects the park. It was pretty sweet and a good little ride.
After my ride I came home got the pooch and went to pet smart. He loves that store... all the dogs to sniff. I got him a kong wobbler... it's a sweet little toy that makes him think and it keeps him occupied for a bit. I picked my self up a burrito and headed home to chill.
Kelly was up in St. Cloud for her brothers birthday. So it's just the pooch and me till about 9 or so!
Hopefully it dries out soon! I need to ride some single track!
Keep it real!

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