Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trail report :(

Well the MORC site isn't looking promising... as of 4/5/11 all trails are still closed some have been reported clear of snow but still closed as we are in spring thaw. It's pretty lame. My uncle is coming to town and we were hoping to ride something, I guess if things don't change in the next couple days we will have to do an urban ride. Salem might be open. It has a sandy base and the weather is in the upper 50's and 60's here and sunny. Who knows?

This does bring me to my next questions. I don't get why MORC is so conservative? They say they want the trails dry completely before they will open them and they always close them after they rain!  How do places like BC and all the north west and east coast rider their bikes? The trails there are open year round and it rains all the f'n time! I just don't get it and no one has given me a good reason/answer.... why do their trails just not turn to shit like they claim ours will? Another thing is they expect you to race in rain and wet conditions but they never let you practice or ride in those conditions. You know what I think, and this is my opinion, is that they are afraid to get muddy or have any bumps in their trails? Hello! this is mountain biking! This all goes back to my theory of all the nancy roadies on dirt... if you can't handle the mud and bumps get a real bike 4-5 inches of squish front and rear with 2.3+ inch tires and learn how to ride it! I do have to commend the hard core old school guys riding single speed ridged and hard tail bikes that can thrash!
I don't know know sorry for the rant, just had to get it off my chest and if anyone has any incite to their reasoning besides it will ruin the trails let me know!
Keep it real!

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