Monday, April 25, 2011

tough decisions

First off, I couldn't even remember what day it was when I woke up. That tells you how fast my weekend went. Work was work but after work I hit the trail. I went to Battle Creek, did a lap and ran into the same guys I met yesterday at the luge, and Josh was rocking a different bike, so I had to ask how many bikes he actually owned and yeah he has 10. He said he probably has 10 bikes at all times but has had up to 15 at one time! Yikes, that is crazy. He gets new bikes and sells his old ones. What a great racket because I know he gets a great deal and even if he sells them for the same price after a year, people think they are getting a great deal and he's more or less riding for little to nothing! Oh yeah I am envious!
Anyways back to the ride. It wasn't very long about 1hr 15mins. I did one full lap and then ended up at the bottom of the luge. I was going to ride the switch back and come around and end at the top but they were at the bottom so I stopped to talk with them and decided to push some runs. I did about 5 runs and had to head out. I was a little sketchy today but the last couple runs I was railing the berms pretty fast and launching the jumps. I'm so glad the trails are starting to open. I can't wait till leb opens so I can save some gas and get some longer rides in. Shouldn't be too much longer, maybe this weekend.
The tough decision is this damn race coming up. I don't know what to do. I know I have about 3 weeks to try and get my shit together but that isn't that long and the race is damn long. The big problem is I was about toasted after 50miles on sat and that's only half way. The race is pretty far away to drive to. I'll be flying solo so I will have to drive home after the race just blown up and my heart and mind aren't really into it at this time. I want to do it but I don't want to train for it. Those long rides are therapeutic but boring as hell. I have lost interest after about 30mils and I would much rather be on some sick single track flying through a rock section, slamming a drop, skying a jump or rippin' a berm! We will see what the next two weeks bring but it's sitting about 50/50 right now. Total game time decision!
Keep it real!

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