Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things are looking up!

Monday was a good day, not at work but after I went for a 1.5hr ride and it was nice. The off road section is probably a little shorter then I recalled but with some added little jaunts on some foot paths in the adjoining park I made it a fun and rewarding ride. I will be getting over and doing some laps on that longer, not that long, dh section to work on my switch back turns. Just want to increase my bike control. I am for sure doing at least one "DH" race. It is at the new Cuyuna Lake Mountain Bike Trail, they are having a bike festival and there is going to be an XC race as well. Also there will be a night ride and Hans Rey will be there, that's right the legend! Here's the link
Tuesday was a good work out at the gym but no ride. Tonight I'm hoping to get out after dinner for some sort of riding, depending on the time we get done and how much sun there is left, since I don't have night riding lights.
The ride report is looking up at least for Salem Hills in Inver Grove Heights. It states no snow, mostly dry some tacky spots and a few wet spots! So baring any crazy moister we could probably hit the trail this weekend! Lets hope!
Keep it real!

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