Sunday, April 3, 2011

First real road ride

Well Thursday I finally got out for some semi-serious saddle time. It was only about 1hr 15mins but if I go anywhere east or south of my place, it's all hills. I road diffly to hwy 3 and then on the way back hit up cliff back home. I did make a small jut off my rout on Johnny Cake Ridge rd to try and find the trail head for Lebanon. It was right where my buddy Dan said it was and I can't believe how close it is to my house. When that finally opens I'm going to be with in riding distance and that will totally be my home course and then with the Lexington dj so close too I'm in a prime location to get some serious riding in and increase my Kung Fu riding skills to the next level this summer! I can't wait.
Friday was pretty chill after work, I went for a short urban ride. I just don't have much desire to ride the LHT this year, and I feel kind of bad like I'm neglecting it but it's just not as fun to ride it as the Reign. Even with that thought I do need to put some more time on that bike or the Almanzo is going to be nothing more then a pipe dream. Hopefully this week will be nice and I can get out for a couple longer rides.
Saturday we helped a couple of our friends move into their new apartment just 3 blocks down the road. That's pretty exciting since we don't know a whole lot of the people around here. It was a tough morning hucking couches up three flights of stairs since they don't have an elevator in that building. Oh well it was a good work out. That after noon we cleaned up the place and went shopping for some BBQ stuff, perfect day for a BBQ. About 7 mel and adam came over for a break from unpacking and we had a few beers and some steaks! What a great night!
Sunday, man it is windy out today. Right away I was bummed because the plan was to work out and get a good ride in but now I'll probably park the LHT and rip the urban with the reign and hit the gym up and this wind and no rain should dry up some of the trails quite a bit!
I took a look at Salem Hills on Sat and what parts of the trails were clear were dry but there was still snow on the trail. I'm thinking. If it stays warm this week, probably could ride there next weekend since the soil is so sandy and it's pretty open to the sun and wind. Lets keep our fingers crossed
Keep it real!

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