Sunday, April 17, 2011

First trail ride

Ok well it looks like they (MORC) have given the green light for Monticello and that is it, pity. Well I may have broken the MORC law today and in there words "poached a trail" It was super nice out this evening after a long day of sun and a strong cold breeze I figured I would load up the ride and go check out the trail. If it was still shit I would just walk around with Kelly and Jerry. I got there, walked the short loop it was perfect. There were some ruts from previous riders that hadn't waited to ride but they were dry and actually crumbled under my large 2.35 Kenda nevagals, so in a way I was doing the trail a favor, maybe... I did a few laps on that loop and ran into a guy that said the rest of the trail is all good. So I hit up the back. I forgot home much of a pedal fest Salem is, haha. Well it's something so no complaints but it goes back to my theory that the people that choose the trail direction are sick! haha they love grueling climbs and mild descents. I told myself that I would not ride through wet spots, if there were any, I don't want to add to the ruts and I didn't. The guy was partially right. There was one wet spot about 5 foot round muddy spot with some standing water. I just went into the weeds and avoided it, plus I didn't feel like getting muddy. Anyways it was great to get on the trail and spin the wheels and pump the bars! Doesn't look the weather is going allow any mtb riding this week. Oh well.
Jerry and Kelly walked around and played with some other puppies while I was riding. Jerry went for his first swim and it sounds like he loves swimming so that is good news since we go to the lake a lot!
Keep it real!
PS. looks like they just updated the MORC site and stated that Salem is still closed, sorry, my bad but I walked it and it was solid in my opinion and they don't post signs at the trail head so I don't see how they expect to keep people off. I didn't even know about more till last fall.

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