Tuesday, April 19, 2011

increase the rides, decrease the gym

Well as 5/14 creeps ever closer I am trying to increase my saddle time whether it be on the LHT or the Reign. I just need to keep the legs spinning as often and as long as possible. Yesterday I was hoping to get in a little longer ride but my life doesn't revolve around cycling, at least not as much as I want it to. So I had to cut it short, 23miles and 1hr and 15mins of saddle time. I felt really good and feel I could have easily put in more time. I will try to ride Weds,  Friday and Saturday, not sure about Sunday as that is Easter, but it's suppose to be the nicest day in awhile so I might squeez something in there. Hopefully the weather isn't as bad as predicted I'm getting sick of this march/november weather. I dont watn to see any more snow till after Thanksgiving.
I am still tryin to decide if I will throw the egg beaters back on the LHT for the Almanzo or not. I have currently been training with flats and feel pretty good with them. I actually can't tell a difference but I have heard some rummors that clips can help in the fatigues states of long rides and I might need all the help I can get so we will see has the date gets closer.
As of late Jerry has turned back into a little terror bear! He wont let me sleep from about 530 on even when he knows I dont get up till 630 and that's when he gets fed. We have been training him with treats and he now doesn't do anything with out getting a treat first, that's getting a little old. He is now jumping up on the counter and chewing on things he never did before! Oh I hope he grows out of this stage soon!
Keep your fingers crossed this weekend they will open more trails, Monticello, Mammoth and Hillside park are all open and good to go.
Keep it real!

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