Monday, August 1, 2011

DFL and not a democrat!

So this last week really flew by. I didn't do much on Monday as we drove back from the lake. It was back to work on Tuesday and no major complaints about work but it is getting a little old. I have applied for a new job at a different company and have an interview next week but we will see how it goes and what they have to offer. I didn't do much Tuesday evening. Wednesday was the same old same old. After work I went to leb for one more ride before the weekend. It was pretty warm and thick out but not too bad. I did my normal 4 or 5 runs at the table jump at the beginning and then really ripped through the first flowy section and was feeling really fresh and fast so I decided to really lay into and go. It's only about 7 miles but by the end I was dripping wet and completely out of breath. I don't know what was up, must have been the weather.
Thursday I went to work early so we could get out of town as soon as we could. We did get out a little later then we wanted but we go back to a-town about 10pm or so, not too bad.
Friday morning we slept in and hung out just doing odds and ends. That evening we went out to eat and discussed the wedding plans with my parents as they have been kind of out of the loop since we are so far apart. After dinner I meet up with some friends and we went out on the town. We went down to the "new" and "improved" Silver Dollar Bar and Gentleman's club, hahah. That's right beer and strippers what better way to start the night! I didn't drink too much as I had a race on Sunday and these days a hang over can last more then one morning or day! haha It was good to see some of my a-town boys.
Saturday I went out to Richmond Lake where the Xterra would be on Sunday. I headed out there at 12 as I thought there would be more going on. There wasn't much going on unfortunately so I kind of sat around chatting with random people until about 2pm when the two pros started chatting about tips and tricks for pre race, training and transition during the race. It was pretty interesting and I actually learned a lot about setting up my transition. After the clinic and chat we did a pre ride and got a chance to chat with Will the pro from Boulder CO. He was super cool and had a lot of good tips. That evening we went mini-golfing and got some ice cream. I made sure that I had a good early dinner and a snack and hit the sack early.
Sunday I got up at about 630am, at a light breakfast took Jerry for a walk and then had some of my pre race nutrition stuff and packed my stuff up and headed out to Richmond. I set up my transition chatted a bit with some people. I didn't really know what I was in for. I was feeling a bit nervous and really excited. I went down to the beach for a pre race meeting and got my first look at the swim and got a bit more nervous. I don't think I realized what 1000meter open water swim was all about. 1000 meters in a pool is nothing compared to that. I honestly thought I was going to die. We we same from one beach to another, got out and ran up a hill and back down to the water. I stood at the waters edge for an extra minute as I was already in last place and considering my options. I knew that if I could get on the bike with any energy left I could gain back some time. It was awful but I made it. I finished the swim in dead fucking last but didn't have to grab the kayak that followed me the whole way to make sure I didn't drowned. I got out of the water and walked part of the way back to transition and then caught my breath and started to run. I got on the bike and start to rip. I passed one person with in the first 1mile and then 3 more. I could see the first person and we were getting close to the end of the technical section and on the last short climb I got out of the saddle to put the brap down and snap! I broke my fucking chain! unbelievable! So I started to run my bike and then I scooted the rest of the way. I'm sure all the people I passed passed me back. I thought about quiting but when I got close everyone was like we need his bike fixed so I was like ok I guess I will fix it and go on. So I was like I need a link and a chain break. There was a bike shop sponsor running pit and they were like we don't have any links and I was like ok just take a link out and they were like no we'll just replace the chain so I was like ok figuring it was free and off I went. I felt like a million bucks a 10 min break and I was off ripping! but unfortunately they didn't match my chain so it was too long and ghost shifting so I was trying to adjust it as much as I could on my handle bar, yeah I had like 3 mid rear cogs that I could use with out it skipping and when I hit the road I would have to adjust it again on my handle bar. The bike went good I finished 16th out of 20 on the bike time split even with a mechanical so that was impressive. I hit the run, I had a slow transition but a pretty good run. 12th in the run and 17th over all! That's pretty damn good for my first tri ever and a off road one to boot with a mechanical.
After the tri I was getting ready to leave and the bike shop lady walked up and was like oh make sure you pay for the chain before you leave and I was like ok. Thank god my dad was like I'll pay for it, it was $50 fucking dollars! It was some crazy sram xx gold chain I guess. I would have never put that chain on my bike, I have never spent more then 25 bucks on a chain and don't see any reason why I ever would. This chain better not ever break. I wasn't mad that I had to pay for it, even though they were the sponsors and didn't tell me I was going to half to pay for it and I simply asked for a link so I could just fix my current chain that wasn't that old. I normally ride a chain at least a full season. Plus they didn't give me an option of chain or anything, just slapped this baller chain on and pigeon holed me into paying for it because I was in a pinch. I guess I learned my lesson. I will always carry a break and chain links so I can just swap it out myself on course, because I could have changed that chain faster then the pit crew guys! and they put it on wrong to begin with and then and to break it and re due it because there magical chain that has this no tool "power" link, a fancy master link, which I normally remove, they couldn't get it off. They said it should just slide of but there is a special tool if it doesn't so now if I want to change this tool I need another spendy tool since its sram. There shit is super expensive and I'm not a big fan of it to begin with.
Anyways, I was just annoyed with that. I was happy with my performance I finished under 3 hrs and just over my goal of 230 so I'm super happy with that and will definitely do it again. Next time I will be more prepared for the swim!
After the race I went back to my parents cleaned up took a 30min name and ate some food and then in the car for a 5hr drive home. I was surprisingly not as tired as I thought I would but man I am feeling it today. My right hip flexor is sore as well as pretty much everything from my chest down, haha! Plus I'm tired to boot. Today will be a rest and recover day and the weather is suppose to be ugly anyways!
Keep it real!

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