Monday, August 15, 2011

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Well where did that weekend go? Who knows but man it seemed like it flew by. It's all kind of a blur but Friday we had Kelly's parents over for a bbq, some burgers and grilled corn on the cob! Yum it was delicious! It was a rather uneventful night except for the gnarly thunderstorm that rolled through about 2am or so. It woke me up and scared the crap out of my dog, haha. He crawled up into bed between Kelly and I and stretched out so he could be touching both of us. It was actually pretty funny. Saturday morning I got up took the dog for a walk. It was absolutely gorgeous out. I thought I would give it a few hours and then go for a ride. So about 1pm I got on the Reign and pedaled over to to Leb and started out on the trail and was like heck it's not too bad but about half way to the new green section it started to get greasy and then muddy and wet and I worked to get through and out of there causing as minimal of damage as possible. I did crash once since my bike washed out. I rolled out muddy and warned three guys that were suiting up that it's not worth it and to give it a few more hours. Not sure what happened with that. So I rode home slinging mud everywhere, and also covered with mud. When I got home most the mud was off my tires but now all over me and my bike so I got to partake in my favorite activity washing my bike! haha
After that Kelly and I got some lunch and ran some errands. That evening we went to the movie Crazy Stupid Love. It was pretty fun, a good romantic comedy, if there is such a thing, ; ) There was a group of about 15 14yr old girls there, being 14yr old girls, loud and giggling and all that. Any sexual comment, haha, but the old fogies sitting by us had to be old fogies and got them kicked out. I felt kind of bad even though they were annoying. I don't know all the details but it didn't really seem like they got much of a chance to settle down. Plus they got kicked out by two security guards and a cop! Where the f do I live that a movie theater, no booze served there, needs to have two, let alone one, security guard and cop for christ sake? wow.
Anyways Sunday was another great day, spent a lot of it out side hanging with the dog and just lounging around. That afternoon I went Battle Creek for a ride. I didn't ride that long like an hour but got lost like usual cleared some branches and found some new trails so that's cool! and a light bulb went off. I'm not sure who to contact yet or really how to present it but I found a sweet spot for a new DH run that would be killer and was thinking how sweet would it be to have a2 or 3 stage all mountain enduro/ super d race! they have the trails and topography to do it. It would have to be a stage race because they don't have long enough runs but the runs wouldn't be strictly dh, they would have some hard climbs and some flats but as much decline as possible but the difference is it would be broke up to 2 or 3 short courses that are point to point and it would be technical and fast and the winner would be the one that could put together the best over all time. So it would basically be 2-3 point to point time trials! If it was big enough you could have it broke up into groups and rotate the groups through out the day! I am really interested in getting this going so I will have to start looking into who would need to be contacted to get this done!
I'll keep you posted!

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