Friday, August 5, 2011

back in the saddle again

Alright back in the saddle again, hitting the dirt felt great yesterday! I was really itching to put some gravel in my travel, haha. So Leb was open but Stu and I had already agreed to check out BC as he had never been there and I like that place. It's a bet more raw and has some gnar technical riding that Leb just can't offer. The flow isn't there and that might be why we did only about 5.5 miles in 1 hour and 10 mins. It didn't help that Stu crashed a couple times and got lost as well, haha. Dang BC can be confusing. I gave him the royal tour taking him down some of the local trails, the ones that are pretty over grown this time of the year but if you don't know where you are going or what you are looking for you wont be able to find it or ride it. I love the first section we came down, the climb is steep and tough but the dh is worth it! Rough rocky rooty and rutted out! Oh yeah it is a dh run for sure, ass of the back and let the brap force flow like a mtb jedi! haha
I don't think Stu expected to see that type of riding and might have caught him a bit off guard but I know he had a great time! There is no way you can't love the luge!
I was feeling great the muscles weren't sore and the lungs weren't burning and I was grooving pretty well. They have made some improvements to the luge which are nice and looks like they are still working on some more of it! I can't wait till its all put back together and you can really flow it. The rain has done a number on it.
So funny story, we were riding back from the hidden dh run and there is this little connector trail that is the only way back besides taking hwy 61 and I come over this hill and have to take a double take. I didn't know if this guy was taking a shit or what he was doing and then as I got close I saw two legs in the air and hairy ass between them! Yup, this guy was givin' it to his girl right there on the trail and I was like wtf, we were still about 50yards away and I don't think they noticed us so I was like lets just take the hwy. Stu really wanted to ride by them and embarrass the shit out of them but I felt awkward. However in hind sight we should have totally embarrassed them. Seriously who does that in a public area in broad day light and to boot the mosquitoes were seriously bad there. I hope they put the bug juice on, haha!

Keep it real!

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