Tuesday, August 16, 2011

regulators mount up

Alright so first off tomorrow is my birthday, I'll be 26, I know F I'm almost 30 now and then it's straight down hill from there and not the good DH, haha jk. I feel strong and young probably as good as 19! Holla, haha.
Second, I have officially put in my notice with my company and I am moving on. Unfortunately it's not yet in the bike/outdoor industry but I haven't given up on that dream/goal. I will be doing a pretty similar job for a competing company. I know call me a traitor but shit there is only so much BS one man can take and I hope that they finally figure out some shit seriously has to change in their policies since I'm one of probably 6-8 in the last couple months to leave my department and about half have gone to the company I did. That's how I got in, referral. Like I said pretty similar duties, the new ones sound a little better. The bens and time off are pretty much the same and the pay is a little better so I guess it's really just to get a fresh start in a new environment. I hope it will decrease my stress. I will have the same hours. The one thing I'm concerned about is that my current job is located in Bloomington and the new one will be in Woodbury, it's not the commute since that's about the same distance and actually quicker to Woodbury since it's all freeway and no traffic the direction I'm traveling. The one concern is the Tuesday cross races are at aquila park in St. Louis Park and is about 27miles from my new job and it was only a few mins from my old job. That might put a damper on how often I can get there for the practice races. I'll keep y'all up to date on how I like it but I'm optimistic!
Monday we met with our DJ for our wedding, he was pretty cool. We met him at Fitz' for dinner and a drink. We talked about possible songs and what to expect. He seemed pretty cool and it was nice to check off another thing off our list of to dos or should I say Kelly to check off her list since she has been doing most of the organization and research and might I say she is doing a damn good job!! ;)
Today I went to work, I was super nervous all day. As soon as I had a chance I tried to go over to my supervisor to give him my letter of resignation but he was never there. Every time I would get up the nerve he wouldn't be there finally at about 3 I tracked him down and it was a bit awkward. I'm not sure that will ever get easy but who knows. I hope that I wont be doing it too much! haha.
After work I headed to Leb to clear my mind. I didn't know how much of a ride I would actually get in as it was looking pretty nasty out, but I was able to get in about an hour of riding. I did 3 hot laps on the new green section and then started to just work on my flow in the rhythm section. I did see a pretty sweet crash and it wasn't me this time. This guy tried to double a couple rollers which isn't too difficult but he landed a bit sideways and was out of control and got launched and landed on his front tire with the handle bars a bit side ways and a over the handle bars he went and he f'd his bike up. the front rim was almost taco'd and his seat was bent. He's lucky he wasn't hurt since he was clipped in and went for a fun ride!
I also met a group of guys that go by the name Rad, I'm guessing named after the '80s BMX movie, they were my age and a couple of them were pretty solid riders but they all seemed pretty cool. I guess they ride there pretty often so I'll probably run into them again.
After the ride I went home for some pizza and hanging out with my pooch and Kelly.
Update on the BC Battle, the guy from MORC said that the land manager in the past hasn't allowed organized MTB races there but has allowed foot races. Not sure how that is fair especially since MORC does the trail maintenance so I'm not giving up yet. I think if I get a few people to back me up and maybe do it as a fund raiser for either trail maintenance or something like a benefit for the challenge center they might let us do it, who knows!
Time for bed!

Keep it real!

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