Thursday, August 18, 2011

feel the rhythm feel the rhyme get on up its rippin' time!

Oh yeah had a great day at work, that doesn't happen all the time! Mark that on your calender! haha. After work I came home feeling pretty tired actually. I had a little bit of the bubble guts. I think it was from the Rock Star I drank. I had a cliff bar and took a poop and loaded up my bike and headed off to Leb. I wasn't feeling it right away so I was just going to play on the new green trail. So I thought I would just do a couple hot laps to build up the cardio. Man about half way I through the second lap I started to bonk. I don't know what's up with that. I guess it just because I worked all day, I hope. :( anyways after I took a little breather I was feeling fresh so maybe I just needed to get the juices flowing. I did a hand full of runs on the rhythm section and I was really feeling the flow towards the end. I helped a few guys that were new to MTB get a little smoother through the rhythm section and riding the berms. Then I had a chat with a lady about proper position and we did a few more laps on the rhythm section. Then I finished off with a hot lap of the new green section.
It sounds like they have some big plans for leb this fall. A new parking lot and actually will have a bathroom and changing room. They also said that there will be a "skills park" yeah I'm jacked for that. I hope they put in a pump track and/or maybe some jumps and some cool bridges and teeter toter and maybe a couple practice rock gardens, but who knows?
I was thinking if they added a nice easy rock garden off to the right of the triple threat at the end of the green loop it would be a perfect place to have a skills clinic. I mentioned it to the MORC guys and even offered to help with a clinic. We'll see where that goes.
It's almost the weekend and I have a half day tomorrow so I can't wait hope you all had a good week and have some fun plans for the weekend!
Keep it real!

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