Sunday, August 21, 2011

and the count down begins

On my half day I spent the first part of the afternoon doing yard work, which I hate, but it was very rewarding. It looks good, all the weeds are gone and bushes are tamed. When we were done tidying up the yard and the house our friends came over for a BBQ. Adam and I went to Blue Max Liquor to get a make your own six pack of some tasty beers. They have the best beer selection in the twin cities. I had a great time just hanging out talking about life and drinking dank beer. I think that some of those beers must have been pretty strong because that six pack kicked my ass. haha.
Saturday I woke up and surprisingly didn't feel bad at all but I was tired. Unfortunately I couldn't go back to sleep as I had told Stu I would meet him at Leb at 9. I was a couple minutes late but it's fine it takes me like 30 seconds to be ready to ride since my bike is always ready to rip since I ride 4 days a week but stu always has to go over his bike since he only rides mtb about once a week. Unfortunately stu forgot his helmet and he was ready to throw in the towel and call it a day. He doesn't feel confident in his riding to not wear a helmet so I gave him mine and was like I'll just take it easy and we'll only ride the green. I, in no way shape or form advocate that people should ride with out a helmet and I actually think those people are dumb, but in certain circumstances like when it means ride or no ride you do what you have to do. So I just toned it back and it was fine. I instead of jumping through the rhythm section I really worked on manualling as much as I could and really pumping and manualling as much of the trail I could. Fortunately no crashes but I did get a lot of dirty looks for not having a helmet on. I get it, I'm sorry but mind your own business. I rode well with in my skill set so it's all good and when I was younger riding bmx I never wore a helmet so I felt pretty comfortable but I will be back on the trail with my helmet next time.
That evening we went to one of Kelly's friends house for some bbq and bon fire action. It was really fun I only knew one of the people there but everyone was really nice. After the bond fire we went home and watched a movie. It was probably the latest I've been up in a long time. We went to be at  like 230am.
Sunday we slept in till 930 which felt nice. After walking the dog we went to Kelly's parent's since her brother was home. We hung out for a couple hours and then headed home. In the afternoon I headed out for a road ride. 30miles in 1hr and 50mins. Nothing crazy just a nice ride to clear my head and spin my legs.
The evening was spent just lounging and hanging out with Kelly and Jerry.
Tomorrow starts my last week at the my current job.
Keep it real

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