Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the weekend

Hey hey back to work you fool! haha well just a quick break to let you know how the weekend went. Well this weekend was pretty fun, way too quick if you ask me but they all are.
Friday we went to a movie with a couple of our friends. We saw "The Change Up" with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. It was a really funny movie. It could have totally went either way as there has been tons of the people switch movies but I had a good laugh and encourage you to go check this one out.
Saturday morning there was a breast cancer ride that went right by my house and I knew a couple people that were riding in it so I was going to hop in and ride some with them. The plan was to meet them at the corner of Lexington and Cliff. They were to depart the MOA at 800am and there was going to be 260 people trying to cross the 494 bridge at once. I thought I would have no problem meeting them around 830am or so. Well I got going a little late got there at 840am and saw a lot of people already so I decided to try to catch the front and asked people along the way that I recognized from work and ended up passing 80 plus people. I arrived at Rosemont, the first check point, with out running into them. I saw another co-worker and was like have you seen them and she was like there at least 5+ mins ahead of you. So I put the hammer down again but When it came to the road were they would turn left and go to Hastings I was like it's not going to happen so I turned right and head back home. It was a valiant effort but to no avail! I finished the day with about 25miles at 18miles an hour.
When I got back I spend the rest of the afternoon playing with Jerry and then went to Kelly's uncle's 60th birthday party. It was pretty fun. Good food and beer, can't really go wrong.
Sunday I got up to go for a ride with Stu at leb. It was an absolutely amazing morning, mid 60s partially cloudy, and I was ready to rip! We did our normal green to blue to black to blue out and were planning on doing a hot lap on blue but I saw that they opened the new "green" section so I was like he lets check out the new green just to see whats going on there. Man am I glad that I did it is sick! It is like a mini-cuyuna. I know that the same guy designed both places but he really took a page out of his cuyuna play book to add this new section. It is really flowy, it is unfortunately a lot flatter then cuyuna and even other parts of leb but they use the small elevation changes well, and has tons of rollers and big berm sections with this cool little flow section. The flow section is like a pump track divided by 3. They took all the cool elements and dissected it which is cool but also kind of a bummer. When I saw it from a distance I thought it was a pump track which would be killer! but this is sick too! They have a berm run that is like 6 S berms linked together then there is a jump section that needs some tweaking because if you carry any speed you flat out, just need to be a little bigger with a bit more shaped lip and then my favorite the rhythm section! This is straight off the bmx track. It could be a bit larger but its still a blast to double up pump and manual. I even had some guy record me riding it on his I phone, I thought that was funny. I did a few laps of this new section.
There was also a Felt Bike demo going on. I didn't get to ride unfortunately as of course I ride the most common size and everyone was using those bikes but its cool. I love my bike!
You all need to get out and get some of this new section! Leb just moved up a cool point in my book!
Keep it real!

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