Tuesday, August 2, 2011

recovery time

Over all I'm feeling pretty well and I wasn't too sore even Monday. My right hip flexor and low back was a little sore. I'm sure sitting around all day at work isn't going to make things better. I felt pretty damn good this morning tho.
I did go for a walk yesterday and plan on either going for a walk with the jer bear or a quick spin on the bike. I have to take my bike in to get it tuned up. It is also is that national night out and our town home community is having some sort of party that we will be attending.
On the subject of MTB if these chicks don't get you jacked up you might want to hang your mtb bike up and get road bike
These chick are bad ass' tearing up the new Olympic course in England! Look at the Canadian rider the one in the red and she has a focused look and is poised to get balls deep in the gnarly rock garden! Now that is xc racing! I would be all about xc racing if it was more like that and less like riding on a xc ski trail!
Keep it real!

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