Wednesday, August 10, 2011

see it feel it be it

The last two days have been absolutely beautiful! I don't think it you could ask for nicer weather. I feels like fall which is great and scary at the same time. Fall means the best weather of the year but at the same time it means a long ass winter is just around the corner and for me that means a long time off the bike unless I get a bmx bike and race indoors. I don't do the winter riding seen. I'm not into purposely punishing myself like that! haha
Tuesday was a pretty good day work went quickly but at the same time if I couldn't listen to some music and sneak a peek at a bike site from time to time I wouldn't make it through the day! After work I was all jacked for a mtb ride and then out of no were Kelly emailed me and asked if I want to go for a ride with her... what? That caught me off guard and I was like shit better take advantage of this! It was fun. It was a nice leisure ride for about 40 mins down the bike paths by my place. I will say that it is nice having that amount of bike paths right out my back door, even though I don't really use any of it.
Wednesday was an even better day at work. The day went quick and I got a bunch of shit done. I was pretty jacked to get out of there though. I was going riding with a couple of friends. James and Dana they are big into cycling. It was fun to get out with some different riders and James gave me a good work out that's for sure! He is a very good rider. He has a bit of a different skills set then me and the big difference is his huge gas tank. I don't feel that he is faster then me in a flat out hard effort but he can put it down at about 75-85% and pin it there for a lot longer then I can. I have more of a small gas tank that fills up really quick but to stay fresh I need those occasional short breaks and I didn't get that today and I could feel it by the end. I had to dig deep to keep up but it was good I need that. Even though I crashed a few more times then I normally do and they were towards the end in spots that I wouldn't normally crash but I'm putting that on fatigue but that's ok. Fatigue is ok, I need some one that can push me but it was fun to see how someone else runs a certain section and James said the same thing when he was following me. He said he tried to run my lines but couldn't do it. Some of it has to do with our talents and some to do with our bikes. I have a full squish and he has a hard tail and the other is I have the bmx flow back ground so I can jump through and over certain section and also might a bit more upper body strength to finess the bike into different spots. The one spot that I felt that I had the advantage was the fast flowy down hill sections and like I had mentioned before was technical sections especially ones that could be down at speed. I think that I have a bit better cornering technique as when I was following him I would always catch him in the corners and have to break when I normally don't because he was breaking. Over all it was a great ride and he is a very strong rider and I look forward to more rides with him and Dana.
The rest of the night was spend playing with the pooch!

Keep it real!

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