Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tree Huggin'

Alright where did I leave off, some days I just don't have time or remember to do this. Any who. Wednesday I did get out for a nice ride. I felt the flow and everything felt fresh. I just need to increase my endurance so I hopefully will be getting back on James Wilson Ultimate Mountain Bike Work out and sticking to it this time,  butI really pushed myself, I need to keep working hard as in the next year or so I really want to compete in a super D race and hopefully the enduro race at Trestle Mountain Bike Park in Winter Park Colorado! It looks bomb all done by Trek rider Ross Schnell. Plus his new bike the Slash looks bad ass!
Thursday I was going to try and make the Leb crew group ride but I decided that since I was going to ride Sat and Sun morning I would just spend some quality time with Kelly so we went and played tennis. I actually won this time. No surprise to me but she said she let me, haha.
Friday the plan was to go to the state fair but the couple that was going to go with us bailed and we were like yeah I don't want to spend that money. Plus we really didn't have the money to spend. Then her sister called and asked if we would like to go to BW's for my birthday since they weren't able to get to the first b-day dinner at the muddy pig. So it worked out. The service was pretty awful at BW's which is kind of funny since Katie, Kelly's sister works for the corporate. haha but the food was good.
Saturday I got up and rode to Leb to get a nice warm up in. I've found that the 3 mile ride actually allows me to ride harder and longer. Who would have thought a good warm up would actually help, haha. The ride was really good except that I flatted on the way to leb and had to walk the last 3 blocks and then see if someone had a pump I could borrow. I borrowed a hand pump from one guy but didn't get the air right but he seemed to be in a big rush to get out on the trail so I let him go and got a floor pump from some other dude and finally hit the trail. I did another sick ride just like the one on wed. Man I love that new green section with the flow. My kung fu is really getting solid in the rhythm section. I'm able to double or manual pretty much the whole thing now which makes it really smooth and really fast! The rest of the afternoon was spent kicking it with Kelly and Jerry. It was great I really had a good time.
Sunday was suppose to be a group ride at afton. I have never rode afton so I was pretty stoked to get an op to ride it but of course that didn't work out. The course was closed due to the Muddy Buddy adventure run. It was unfortunate so I met some friends at Leb instead. The ride started out great. I was feeling fresh, huge whip off the first big jump on the blue section and I was flying through that section. I guess a little too fast because the rear end broke loose and I was in a full speed power slide right at a sapling so I tried to lock it up to stop but to no avail! Hit the sapling thrown over my bars and head first into a bear hug of a good 10inch tree! Smack! I thought I was done. I thought I had finally done it crashed hard enough to break something. I thought my collar bone was broken or at least separated. I screamed F!!!! My two buddy's circled back and were like are you ok? I told them I was done. We sat there for a few mins drank some water. The initial pain started to die down a bit. I could move my should through full range of motion. Shit I got luck! I was like I think I can ride. Got back on my bike checked it out, all systems go. Started riding, shoulder a little sore but no big deal with in 5 mins all felt good finished a full lap of everything and headed back to the parking lot. We were standing there talking and as I cooled down it started to stiffen up. They wanted to go again but I had to let them go. I decided it was probably better to go ice it, which I did.
The next morning I woke up at 530am and it hurt like hell. So I went down stairs took some pain meds grabbed the ice pack and slept in the recliner for 30mins when I got up it was fine. Today it feels pretty well so I'm excited to head out to the black hills to hang out with family and get some riding in!
As for the new job it's going well. Lots of job shadowing, filling out and signing forms and doing all the HR non-scenes that comes with a new job! I hope you all have a great labor day!
Keep it real!

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