Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hump day already!

The weeks off to a good start. Work is going well, might be because I'm not stressed anymore since I know that I'm done at the end of the week for good. Yeah that's probably it. haha
Monday was a great night. Kelly and I went to the twins game for a little date night action. I had a great time. It was dollar dog night so it wasn't even that expensive. Kelly had bought the tickets a long time ago at a fund raiser. They played the oriels and lost but it was actually a good game. There was a girl that robbed Joe Mauer of the third out on a foul ball, I thought she was going to get jumped. What an idiot. If he had caught it he probably would have just gave it to her and then JJ Hardy hit a home run 2 pitches later, haha. Anyways it was fun and we were only 18 rows up on the first base line two sections down from first base, great seats!
Tuesday was another good day. I got to ride my bike today but nothing serious. I rode down to Leb to do some trail work. It looks great. We were putting some of the bridges in, in the new skills section. It should be a lot of fun to ride when it's finished. Basically I mixed a shit ton of concrete by hand, nothing new for me I've been pouring concrete since I was 15 but I haven't done it in a long while. It was also nice to get to know some more people in the mtb community and a few of them really liked my idea of rebuilding Lexington so we'll see if I can get some help and really get that off the ground over the winter and build it in the spring! Fingers crossed!
The plan is to get a nice ride in tonight at Leb. Probably do a full lap of everything and two on the green or something!
Keep it real!

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