Wednesday, August 17, 2011

happy birth day to me!

Well it's not the first time I've hugged the porcelain God on my birthday or even passed out on one but it was the first time I've done so at 850am! Yeah that's right I was reading my buddy Josh's Blog and got a little queasy because he got a little detailed about his crash and all the talk about blood, yeah. I don't do well with blood so I was like shit I'm going for a walk and went to get a drink of water. I was like I better go to the bathroom while I'm up. While I was standing there doing my business I started to get hot and dizzy so I leaned on the divider between the urinals. As I finished my business I got a cold chill/sweats and stood there for a second with my head on my arm and next thing I know I woke up on the ground with my arm on the urinal and my head on my arm. Thank God it's a auto flush other wise it might have got messy. I came to in this weird dream with Pink Floyd playing in my ear. I was like where the f am I? Why the f is my arm wet? Then I opened my eyes and was on the floor, not sure how I got there. Some guy in the stall was like are you ok? What happened? I heard a loud bang, me hitting the floor. Haha! I was like I'm ok but I got up and he insisted on walking me to a meeting room to sit down and then he went and got an HR person and I had to talk to her and then file a Work Comp claim even though I went back to work like 30mins later.
Anyways what a day to start work and my birthday, haha. Anyways the rest of my day went alright but I didn't feel like doing any work.
After work we went to the muddy pig. I really like that place. Like 30+ taps and more in bottle. It was awesome, my Cuban sandwich was bomb. I had a great time it was a nice simple but fun birthday! No ride but I will get one in tomorrow I"m sure!
Keep it real!

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